Welcome to Math Intuition!

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This website is has philosophy that math should be felt, and not just explained. So I created a list of high quality websites for that goal. It consists mostly of intuitive, elegant, interactive, and creative mathematics content. I invite you to add some entries yourself. This is math that can be appreciated by anybody, regardless of math level.

This Wiki was created because while there is an enormous amount of mathematics literature available, the heart and soul of mathematics seem to be more hidden. Long proofs and rigorous definitions can be difficult to read and obscurify the real beauty that lies beneath. Formalism in math is a good thing, but this website means to capture the wonder before it gets formalized.

Anyone can contribute!

Everyone is welcome to contribute. All articles, alternate explanations, elaboration on the current explanation(s), and corrections are all appreciated.

How this website is structured

Miscellaneous, Interesting, and Software. Behind every link there's a hashtag denoting it's difficulty and formalism level.

A link should look like this:
Brief description of website
Green means it's easy and can be comprehended fairly easily, even a child can understand it. Use this for visualization GIFS, or casual Youtube channels videos or interactive webpages that people can play with or show to their friends.

Yellow means it's pretty fun, but still requires time investment. This is for more in depth pieces semi-long math articles online.

This is the kind of color you give to a website that's very raw and dense. Use this for PDFs, tutorial videos and books online.

Anybody can edit all of the pages, or they can even drop off links in a quick drop off area.

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